Spray foam mudjacking and mudjacking are the two most common approaches to driveway repairs.  Both of these methods have very noticeable differences in both quality and lifespan. If you have sunken concrete issues in Regina and are looking to get your driveway repaired it is important to understand the differences in quality between these two repair methods so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Driveway Repair in Regina; Why Your Driveway Is Sinking:

Sunken concrete is generally caused by a few different things. During the building process, the surrounding dirt on the property may not have been properly tamped and compacted.  This leaves small voids in the soil which will inevitably result in the ground sinking and settling.  Improper drainage is another significant factor.  When water flows into the affected area, it weakens the surrounding soil foundation and washes particles away.  This creates a void under the concrete surface or structure which over time, causes the concrete to begin to crack and sink under it’s own weight.

Regina Gumbo

The soil conditions in Regina are very problematic.  Regina, and surrounding area, was once a massive glacial lake and the infamous ‘Regina Gumbo’ is the result of a very thick layer of clay that contains a very high level of sodium bentonite.  This compound is actually used commercially and industrially due to it’s capacity to absorb moisture.  According to Ulrike Hardenbicker, an associate professor at the University of Regina’s geography department, “If you have 10 grams of clay, it can absorb up to 30 grams of water. And when that happens, it swells. When it’s wet, it changes its volume.”

This is why Regina experiences so many problems with concrete structures.  The ground is constantly expanding and contracting. When you add other factors, such as those mentioned above, to this intrinsic problem, things can get really ugly in a hurry.

Driveway Repair in Regina – Mudjacking

Mudjacking is an older form of driveway repair.  It is typically carried out by digging and exposing the empty void under the concrete surface. Next, workers jack the sunken concrete back up into place and pour more concrete underneath it to fill the void.

For obvious reasons, mudjacking has numerous cons associated with it – especially for applications in the Regina and Southern Saskatchewan region. First of all, mudjacking adds a massive amount of additional weight to the already failing sub grade.  This just causes more problems as it compounds the pressure on the underlying soil which causes it to sink even more over time. It also tends to have a shorter lifespan because it loses its density quickly and therefore ends up costing you more in the long run.  It really is just a temporary fix which just kicks the problem down the road and opens the door to potentially more serious problems later.

Driveway Repair in Regina; Spray Foam Mudjacking (also known as foam jacking or polyurethane concrete raising):

Spray foam mudjacking is the premier driveway repair method as it has an exceptional lifespan and can survive even the toughest of winters, which, here on the prairies is an absolute necessity. The superior lightweight formula that makes up the spray foam mudjacking compound is many many times lighter than concrete which means spray foam jacking will not create nearly as much stress on the already vulnerable subgrade.  This means a significantly reduced chance or problems in the long run.

Mudjacking VS Spray Foam Jacking:

  • Foam jacking is up to 50% cheaper to apply as a solution to sunken concrete and driveway repair
  • Foam jacking is a much longer lasting solution than concrete due it’s lightweight properties
  • Foam jacking is not nearly as damaging to the surrounding landscape
  • Foam jacking is quicker and cleaner process than mudjacking
  • Mudjacking butchers your existing concrete with numerous large holes.  Foam jacking requires holes that are almost 4 times smaller and requires about half as many drill holes.

Click here for more information on how foam jacking can help you achieve your driveway repair goals.  For a free consultation and estimate, call us at 306.201.4919 or fill out the contact us form!


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