Are You Seeking Concrete Repair in Regina?  You’re Not Alone!

Finding top quality concrete repair in Regina is a common issue for most resident living in the city.  We live in an area that is notorious for sinking sub grade which wreaks havoc on concrete structures.  Cracking and sinking concrete floors, slabs, driveways and walkways tends to just get worse over time for obvious reasons. When cracks and sinking start to occur, the first thing most people search for is a way to make it stop. Any concrete repair process needs to be thorough, clean, and most importantly – economical.

Spray foam jacking is not only fastest and most economical method for repairing unstable, sunken concrete but it’s also the surest way of correcting sunken concrete without causing more costly damage in the long run like mudjacking does.  The sub-grade under your concrete is sinking.  Adding more weight to it, like mudjacking does, is only a temporary fix and will just make things worse down the road.

Below is a list of some of the most important benefits of using spray foam jacking during concrete repair:

1. Less Costly

Spray foam jacking is significantly more inexpensive than conventional mudjacking both now and in the long term.  As previously stated, adding a significant amount of weight to an already failing sub grade is not a good idea.  It typically means bigger problems down the road.  Spray foam mudjacking minimizes this problem because it is much lighter than concrete (as we’ll discuss in point number 5)

2. Saves time

Polyurethane expands very fast and works on all sides of slabs and concrete structures efficiently. Because of the small hole size and the high-pressure injection, this system can lift and stabilize
floors and concrete surfaces 10 times faster than the traditional mudjacking methods.

3. Waterproof

Polyurethane is a totally waterproof material so it will not break down.

4. Minimal disruption’s

Drilling is much cleaner compared to mudjacking because of the hole size.  Foam jacking uses holes that are 5/8″ whereas mudjacking or concrete injection requires holes that are 2″.  That is almost 4 times bigger and it requires almost 2 times as many holes.  Foam jacking requires minimal equipment and no heavy digging.  This ensures the preservation of surrounding structures and landscaping.

5.  Lightweight

High density polyurethane foam that is used for jacking is many times lighter than most of the alternative lifting and stabilization materials. The lightweight polyurethane doesn’t stress the underlying soil thus reducing chances of future resettlement.  This is especially important considering the soil conditions that exist throughout much of Regina.

When it comes to concrete repair in Regina, spray foam jacking is at the top of the class when compared with other methods of concrete repair such as mudjacking, injections and replacement. This form of concrete repair is unparalleled and it’s often used in the infrastructure and industrial markets to lift and stabilize interior floors and exterior concrete surfaces. It is, without question or comparison, the cheapest, safest, fastest, cleanest and strongest method of concrete repair you can find.  Due to its complete superiority to mudjacking, foam jacking will inevitably become the standard method of concrete repair and lifting throughout Regina.

Click here to learn more about how we can help you repair your sunken concrete.  If you are in need to concrete repairs in Regina or surrounding area due to sinking sub grade, make sure to reach to us first.  You can call us anytime at 306.201.4919 or fill out the form to request a free consultation and estimate!

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