Foam jacking, also known as spray foam mudjacking, is an economical and fast repair process that corrects unstable, sunken and settled concrete. From small jobs to massive undertakings, spray foam mudjacking is the ultimate solution for correcting sunken concrete that can’t be beaten.

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Foam Jacking: The Basics

The process of foam jacking involves the mixing of two polyurethane liquid elements. Once mixed, they are injected under pressure beneath the structure or area that needs repairs. As the two liquids react with each other they quickly expand and harden much like the foam used to seal window drafts.  The foam used is specially formulated to be long-lasting and incredibly strong when they come in contact with the ground.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Mudjacking

There are numerous substantial benefits offered by foam jacking compared to other repair methods such as mudjacking, replacement and slab jacking. Foam jacking has mainly been used in industrial markets and infrastructure and for a number of different jobs such as stabilizing and lifting interior floors. Below is a list of some of the specific benefits of this method.

  • It’s cleaner. This is the cleanest method of lifting and stabilizing concrete because the equipment is connected to the structure and no loose material is brought into the repair area. Dustless drilling is even offered.
  • Minimal disruption. This is the fastest and quietist process for fixing settled slabs.
  • Immediate traffic. Once completed, the area can be used for traffic immediately.
  • Fast. In many cases, foam jacking crews are 12 times faster than my jacking or standard slab jacking crews.
  • Lightweight option. The material is very light, which reduces the chance of resettlement.
  • Waterproof. The treated slabs are completely under sealed once the material is in place.

There is no comparison between foam jacking and convention mudjacking or concrete replacement.  It’s a cheaper and longer lasting solution because it’s faster to implement and it doesn’t add a massive amount of additional weight and burden to the already failing sub grade.

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