Spray Foam Mudjacking in Regina – The Ultimate Sunken Concrete Repair Solution

Note:  The term ‘spray foam mudjacking’ is synonymous with foam jacking, spray foam jacking and polyurethane concrete raising)

When it comes to a superior solution for lifting sunken concrete, spray foam mudjacking is the ultimate solution. It’s a time tested method which is almost always more effective at raising sunken concrete then other outdated and inferior solutions. Although many people in the Regina area do not yet know about the technological advances in raising sunken concrete, these advances do exist and one of the most important is known as polyurethane concrete rising or foam jacking.

Mudjacking is a far outdated and much less sophisticated practice when compared to spray foam mudjacking. People who need concrete raised and leveled to it’s orginally intended position are wise to turn to spray foam mudjacking. This is a practice which can quickly and efficiently raise concrete from a sunken position and doing so is often much more cost-effective than traditional mudjacking.

When to have spray foam mudjacking performed on your property

For property owners dealing with sunken concrete on their land there are a wide range of options on the table to help remedy the situation. Many people who do not have as much exposure to or experience with newer and more advanced technologies may advocate mudjacking is a solution.  However, the fact is the better and more effective solution is always going to be using spray foam mudjacking. This type of spray foam method is not only dependable, it is also more affordable, both in the short term and especially in the long term to those property owners who really need concrete raised and leveled.

Why is spray foam mudjacking better than conventional mudjacking?

Spray foam mudjacking is incomparably superior to conventional mudjacking because it is a much more advanced form of technology. This type of trend where technologies and processes become more sophisticated overtime through science is something that is observed in all types of industries and development processes. The same is true for concrete raising. Innovators took an older, antiquated process and improved it to the point where spray foam mudjacking has become the undisputed ultimate solution for concrete lifting in most of the major markets throughout North America. There truly is no better solution for raising sunken concrete then spray foam mudjacking.  In most circumstances, there simply is no comparison between spray foam jacking and mudjacking.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Spray foam jacking is almost always a substantially cheaper solution compared to mudjacking
  • Spray foam is exponentially lighter than concrete and therefore does not add further strain to already weakened sub grade
  • No damage to surrounding landscape and structures
  • Does not require any heavy equipment
  • Cures very fast and can be walked on immediately and driven on within a few hours
  • Smaller and fewer injection holes required in the concrete
  • If further sinking occurs, foam is much easier to deal with working around than an additional layer of concrete
  • Safer installation and repair process
  • Foam expands in all directions and therefore is more likely to fill every void.  Concrete just follows gravity and is therefore less effective at filling every void under the concrete surface.
  • The polyurethane mixture in spray foam does not retain moisture and is not subject to erosion like concrete based substances are.

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