Concrete Repair Regina – What Is Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane concrete lifting is a quick, economical and long-term concrete repair solution that is used to correct unstable and sunken concrete. The process involves injecting high-density polymers into small holes that are pre-drilled into the concrete. A reaction between the two polyurethane liquids causes an expansion which quickly fills the cavities under the slab before hardening. Also known as foam jacking, polyurethane concrete lifting is by far the most economical repair option for correcting unstable sidewalks and settlements.

While the repair of damaged concrete through injection has been in existence for long, the introduction of polyurethane concrete lifting revolutionized concrete repair. In spray foam lifting, a 5/8-inch gun is used to drill holes to the damaged surface. This causes less strain to the already weakened concrete compared to previous methods that used larger holes. Additionally, polyurethane liquids are light so the process does not add a burden to the already failed subgrade. Typically, spray foam lifting takes about two hours with minimal disruption and becomes ready for use within the same day. Once the concrete has been raised, the plastic guides are removed. The opening is then filled with cement and the surface smoothed evenly. To guarantee durability, the repaired slabs are caulked along the seals.

Being fast, efficient and economical, polyurethane concrete lifting is the only reasonable repair option in most applications. That notwithstanding, the process is best suited for a number of applications. Polyurethane materials are known to spread fast over large areas before expanding thus lifting heavy slabs easily. Additionally, spray foam lifting is the most viable option for sensitive surfaces with decorative finishing. This process uses small holes which are less destructive. Where additional weight causes structural challenges, polyurethane lifting becomes handy as it is lightweight.

Besides being fast, polyurethane lifting is the cleanest of all concrete stabilization methods. No heavy equipment or digging is required which means that is there is much less damage to the surrounding structures or landscaping as compared to mudjacking or concrete replacement.

One of the most beneficial properties of polyurethane concrete lifting is that it’s fast curing. Footwork is okay while repair work is underway, and vehicular movement can be resumed moments after the repair. Polyurethane materials are also waterproof, meaning the process can be carried under water. This eliminates the challenge of water-stop repairs as the flow is resumed immediately.

The efficiency of polyurethane lifting has seen it find applications in slab stabilization, void filling and surface leveling. Foam jacking is also a timely, green innovation as the best foam for concrete lifting comes from recycled material. The repair process only involves raising and replacing thus preventing waste.

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