In Regina, a massive percentage of home and business owners will experience the frustrations of sunken, cracked concrete. Until recently, the most common solution in Regina has been mudjacking.  We live in a place that is notorious for problems arising out of the fact that the ground constantly settles and shifts. On top of that, Regina experiences some of the harshest temperature fluctuations in North America so it’s no surprise that we see an epidemic of concrete issues in this area.

Concrete Repair in Regina; What Is Mudjacking?

Concrete Repair Regina - A Better Solution To MudjackingWhen the sub grade under a concrete structure settles or sinks, this creates a void.  The void made it so that there was no supporting ground underneath the concrete structure.  Concrete is very dense and very heavy and without that supporting soil it will inevitably start to buckle under it’s own weight.  This is what typically causes sunken and cracked concrete.  The most common way to fix this problem in Regina has been mudjacking.

Mudjacking is the process of pumping concrete under a concrete structure such as a driveway, walkway, patio or slab in order to fill the empty void and lift it.  It is typically done a few different ways.  One method is digging out the surrounding ground to expose the void under the concrete and jacking the structure back into it’s proper place.  From there, workers will pump fresh concrete into the  void to support the existing structure.  The other method is drilling numerous large holes into the sunken concrete structure and injecting concrete into the void.

With all of this mind, consider the state of the soil in Regina and ask yourself the following question. Is adding even more weight to the already weak soil going to solve the problem or just make it worse down the road?  The answer is obvious and this is exactly what we see over and over again throughout Regina.  Mudjacking is a temporary band-aid which inevitably makes things worse down the road.  All of this ads up to more frustration, stress and expense for you the home owner.

A Better Alternative to Mudjacking in Regina

In large cities throughout North America a process known as foam jacking has become the go-to standard for sunken concrete repair.  Traditional mudjacking is, in most cases, considered totally outdated and ineffectual when compared to foam jacking.  The advantages of foam jacking over mudjacking are so numerous that there really is no comparison between the two:

  • high-density polyurethane foam is over 25 times lighter than concrete.  That means less stress on an already failed subgrade.
  • it’s typically 50% cheaper than mudjacking
  • it’s a long term solution and not a temporary band aid
  • little to no damage to existing concrete or landscaping
  • it requires 60% fewer drill holes
  • the drill holes are only 5/8″ VS 2″ hole with mudjacking.  That’s almost 4 times smaller.

As you can probably tell, it is only a matter of time until mudjacking in Regina becomes a thing of the past.  For most situations that require concrete lifting and support, mudjacking simply cannot compete with foam jacking as a viable, long-term solution.  Foam jacking is becoming, and will inevitably become, the only solution to this pervasive problem in Regina.

Here are some before and after images as proof:


Before making the potentially costly mistake of repairing your sunken concrete with mudjacking, reach out to us first for a free consultation and estimate.  We have many years of reputable experience in Regina.  Our team is certified and able to help you solve even the most complex concrete issues.  Give us a call at 306.201.4919, email us or request a free estimate and we will help you determine whether or not polyurethane concrete lifting is the right solution for your problem!






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